Wednesday, 30 May 2012

To Grey or not to Gray

A mix between black and white, gray is by definition a neutral. But its varying shades, from light dove to dark charcoal, make gray versatile as any color. According to some Grey and Gray are the same thing just spelled differently, according to others it’s a completely different color swatch, and to others it’s not a color at all. For the simplicity of this post, I will refer to this color as G.R.A.Y as Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary says so.
Gray is still hot and one of the most popular colors clients request for all their upholstery needs. 

Some hints and tips with decorating with Gray
  • Add plenty of texture, or pattern
  • Add different shades of grey together
  • Add variety of light sources, gray is already the color of a shadow. Position lights throughout the space at different heights by using a mixture of table lamps, floor lamps, scones and pendants.
  • Add a punch of color in the room.
As for different color combinations that include gray, purple is always a good choice. Red, blue, brown or yellow are also nice options. Since gray a black and white combined, you can also use it with the classical black and white and maybe with some subtle touches of red.

Halstead Sofa and Mattress Makers - Gray Sectional
Gray no longer needs to be saved for stuffy offices and come off as drab; it has become the new tan and is proving to be stylish in both modern and traditional decorating schemes. Enjoy using this versatile color in your room; just remember to identify the right gray color scheme for your space. Pair cool gray with blue for a crisp, classic look or coordinate warmer gray walls with purples and plums for a rich, cozy feel.

Enjoy…..send us your pictures and tell us how you have decorated with this new neutral!

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  2. wow! what a perfect color you have..i do love it, i have gained some new tips from you on how to choose a better color on your mattress..