Saturday, 1 February 2014

Let technology help you choose your next mattress

Need help choosing your next mattress maybe try bringing this into the bedroom!

3-D Pressure Imaging

Halstead Sofa and Mattress Makers ergonomic pressure imaging systems identifies the optimal mattress design to meet YOUR unique body type and sleep positions. We have you relax on a variety of different mattress combinations and the pressure imaging software captures your different sleep preferences on each mattress and compares the results. Mattresses are compared and ranked based on peak pressures and contact area (mattress support) This will also show you and your partner how to alleviate your pressure points that can cause discomfort and ensure proper orthopedic support by measuring the mattress surface contact area. This technology will fit each person to a mattress based on their unique body profile. Again showing how two personalize sleep zones may be right for you.

How pressure imaging helps!
A tool to help customers and patients get a better night sleep by selecting a better mattress for
Your unique body type and sleeping preference
Provides tangible information to help make a decision with confidence.
Helps ensure customers choose a comfortable mattress the first time.
Take the results back to the health care provider to discuss the results.
Exclusive to HALSTEAD Custom Adjust System. This enables you to change your comfort level
AFTER you take the mattress home without changing the entire mattress.

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